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The Parent Teacher Association is a non government organization of the parents of all students of the College and the teaching faculty. It is a very active organization working in the college to provide a common forum for interaction of parents and teachers so as to improve facilities for academic excellence. It also provides special and essential services to both the students and the staff.

Some of the major activities of PTA are listed below:

  • Provides stationary items for conducting the series tests for all branches of EngineeringPublishes the College information bulletin yearly
  • Provides security services to the College and Men’s HostelMeets he expanses towards sending student’s progress reports to parents.
  • Provides essential Civil and Electrical maintenance works in different departments and Campus.
  • Provides essential works and maintenance of Men’s Hostel and Ladies Hostel
  • Maintenance of Ladies’ amenities centre
  • Rewards the students securing highest mark in all branches
  • Rewards the students excelling in academics and sports
  • Sponsors the students participating in Technical Seminars outside the College Compiles
  • the attendance of students
  • Meets the expenses for the functioning of library during extra hours
  • Meets the expenses for guest faculty for the Course on Communicative English
  • Meets the expenses for an instructor to train students in fitness centre
  • Meets the expenses for various programmes organized by College Union
  • Provides medical facility for students
  • Provided class room identification boards
  • Provided drinking water facility to all departments
  • Provided training for staff advisors to counsel the students.

Some of the proposed activities of PTA for the current year are the following:

  • To build a compound wall for the Men’s hostel
  • To build a Snack corner in the Men’s hostel

The PTA executive committee has decided to build a Guest House to accommodate:

  • Parents visiting their wards staying in College hostels
  • Delegates for International and National Seminars conducted in the College
  • Faculty attending training programmes and Conferences in the College
  • Various other invitees and speakers to the Institution
  • Company executives and officials visiting the College for the placement of students